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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

EXTRAORDINARY and RARE FLORAL Vintage RAYON SATIN Nightgown and Peignoir Set! :)

*~Oh my gosh!~*
I've been running around so much all Summer that until this morning, I'd completely forgotten about listing this incredible beauty!
spank me! lol
A SUPERB example of 1920's to 1930's Rayon Satin, not only in a TRUE MATCHING SET, but in a super RARE FLORAL Print!!!
In Museum Condition and Quality and you won't find another set like this on the web! :D
Come take a peek at:

(: (: Have a gorgeous day and see you there! :) :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Here we are...... finally! lol :)

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted!
Time flies when you're having fun! lol
I got home from So Cal about 3 weeks ago (I think, though it may have been 4? lol) and I've been playing major catch~up ever since, as well as taking advantage of our spectacular Summer weather, hanging at the lakes and rivers, county fairs, blues and rock festivals, not forgetting to mention the brew festival (hiccup!)... woo hoo! lol
It's too hot to drive anywhere today though, so with the creek out back, I'm staying home, so I can just jump in for a dip, between projects!
With year~round snow, it's always icy cold and crisp, coming right off the mountain (Hood!), just awesome on a day like today!
I finally had time to dive into the other trunk and found some very exciting goodies!
Packed beneath five knitted afghans I was THRILLED to find several Long Vintage Chiffon Nightgown and Peignoir Sets as well as several Vintage Girdles and quite a few other Vintage Lingerie pieces!
One of them is a Floor Length and HUGE SWEEPING Cranberry INTIME Nightgown and Peignoir Set, composed of Double Nylon and Trimmed in Beautiful Antique Floral Lace!
I just about flipped my wig! lol

I'll do my best to try and get her listed in the shop this week!
(she's going to be offered at a way special price!)

I'm doing a TON of Summer Blowout Specials, like Huge Lingerie Lots, so you'll receive a whole Package Filled with FUN!
Lots and lots of other goodies are being offered at rock~bottom prices as well during our Spectacular Summer Sale!
(my favorite word is sale! lol)
Come take a peek by clicking on Gurlz below! :)

(: (: Have a gorgeous Summer day and see you soon! :) :)


Another new friend! lol :)

I almost forgot to mention!
I have another new friend, compliments of "sybil"
Never have I met so many great girls, due to a stalker! lol
Of course I've only been stalked once before in my life, when I lived in So Cal and it was in "real life" by a guy, not in cyber land by a wacky old woman! lol
This is GREAT!
So, come one, come all, stop in, say hi and laugh with all of us in this fun, growing~by~the~day club!

Love and kindness,
Raia DeVine :)